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The Race For 2016
April 15, 2016 21 Comments

Clinton, Sanders Clash In Their Final Debate Before N.Y. Primary

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders criticized each other over Wall Street and campaign finance reform, fracking and support for Israel.

April 1, 2016 6 Comments

Wisconsin Seen As Big Test For Trump, Sanders

Mashable’s Juana Summers and The Washington Post’s Rebecca Sinderbrand discuss the upcoming primary in Wisconsin.

March 25, 2016 6 Comments

Brussels Attacks Dominate Week In Politics

ABC News’ Rick Klein and NPR’s Asma Khalid discuss the week in presidential politics.

March 18, 2016 14 Comments

Election Roundtable: Talk Of Riots, And Rubio Drops Out

Jesse Holland of the Associated Press and Julie Mason of “The Press Pool” discuss the week in presidential election politics.

March 11, 2016 7 Comments

Civil Debate, But Wild Trump News Conference Today

NPR’s Domenico Montanaro and Bloomberg News’ Margaret Talev join us for our weekly political roundtable.

February 26, 2016 6 Comments

Rubio And Cruz Attack Trump In Final Debate Before Super Tuesday

NPR White House correspondent Tamara Keith and Denver Post editor Greg Moore join us for our weekly political roundtable.

February 12, 2016 2 Comments

New Hampshire Primary, Debates Scramble 2016 Campaigns

Juana Summers of Mashable and Julie Mason of The Press Pool on SiriusXM join us for our weekly political roundtable.

February 9, 2016 7 Comments

Voters Head To The Polls In New Hampshire

After months of intense campaigning, the primaries are finally underway in the Granite State.

February 5, 2016 7 Comments

GOP Field Narrows, Candidates Spar In Final Debates Before N.H.

With the New Hampshire primary four days away, candidates from both parties are making their final pitches to voters.

January 29, 2016 2 Comments

GOP Candidates Criticize Each Other, Clinton

The candidates have just one more weekend to make their final pitches to voters ahead of the first presidential contest of the year.

January 22, 2016 54 Comments

Palin Stumps For Trump, Sanders Gaining In Polls

It was big week for endorsements in 2016 politics. Juana Summers of Mashable and Rick Klein of ABC News join us for our political roundtable.

January 15, 2016 6 Comments

Trump And Cruz Dominate, Clinton And Sanders Expected To Clash

Greg Moore of the Denver Post and Kay Henderson of Radio Iowa join us for our weekly look at the presidential race.

January 8, 2016 5 Comments

Trump Raises Birther Concerns, Bill Clinton Campaigns For Hillary

Our weekly political roundtable reviews the fallout from these political moments and more, plus we preview next week’s debates.

January 1, 2016 Comment

Race For 2016: Pataki Drops Out, Carson Shakes Up Staff

In our weekly political roundtable, we review campaign news of the week with the AP’s Jesse Holland and Rebecca Sinderbrand of the Washington Post.

December 25, 2015 Comment

As 2016 Nears, Presidential Race Takes Shape

It wasn’t a quiet week in presidential politics – we host a roundtable discussion with political analysts from both parties.

December 18, 2015 2 Comments

Race For 2016: Two Debates Shape Week In Campaign News

As top-tier Republicans push back at criticism after their debate on Tuesday, Democratic candidates are preparing for another debate tomorrow.

December 15, 2015 5 Comments

GOP Candidates Debate For The Last Time In 2015

Nine leading GOP candidates will take the stage for the debate Tuesday night, which is the first since the Paris attacks, and the last of 2015.

December 4, 2015 7 Comments

Ted Cruz Goes To Gun Range, Poll Shows Trump With 20-Point Lead

Kay Henderson of Radio Iowa and Jesse Holland of Associated Press take a look at the latest news in the race for 2016.

November 27, 2015 10 Comments

Cruz Surges, Trump Stands Firm On ‘Cheering Muslims’ 9/11 Claim

Margaret Talev of Bloomberg News and Jay Newton-Small of Time magazine join us for our weekly look at the race for 2016.

November 20, 2015 3 Comments

Candidates Respond To Threat Of ISIS, Concerns About Refugees

Rick Klein of ABC News and Rebecca Sinderbrand of The Washington Post discuss how the Paris attacks are reverberating.

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Matthew Quick published his fourth young adult book, "Every Exquisite Thing," this week.

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