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Rundown for November 11, 2013
12:06 PM EDT 2 Comments

In Typhoon-Ravaged Philippines, Aid Trickles In

There’s little in the way of utilities, food, water or fuel, and thousands are feared dead in the central Philippines. Survivors still appear to be in shock.

12:15 PM EDT 8 Comments

California On Track For Driest Year On Record

According to data from the National Weather Service, which has been keeping records for 164 years, California is on track to see its driest year. What are the implications?

12:20 PM EDT Comment

Families Seek Congressional Medal For All-Hispanic Unit

There’s a growing movement to honor the all-Hispanic unit known as the Borinqueneers that served in World Wars I and II, and rose to prominence during the Korean War.

12:25 PM EDT Comment

WWII Story: A Missouri Family That Lost 3 Sons

The caskets bearing Frank Wright, Harold Wright and Elton Wright came home one by one and their father, Henry, met them at the local train station.

12:35 PM EDT 4 Comments

US Postal Service To Deliver Amazon Packages On Sunday

The deal to provide Sunday deliveries to Amazon customers is seen as a chance for both the online retail giant and the ailing U.S. Postal Service to monopolize the Sunday delivery market.

12:40 PM EDT 10 Comments

Reuniting Purple Hearts With Veterans And Their Families

In 2009, Zachariah Fike’s mother gave him a Purple Heart that she found at an antique store. It set of a chain of events that led him to create a nonprofit that returns medals to their owners.

12:50 PM EDT 5 Comments

Violence Transformed JFK's Civil Rights Push

It was during a particularly turbulent time in the 1960s that John F. Kennedy went on television to address the nation and propose passage of civil rights legislation. He didn’t live to see it happen.

1:10 PM EDT 34 Comments

Film Follows Doctors Who Provide Third-Trimester Abortions

The documentary film “After Tiller” surveys the lives and risks taken by the four remaining doctors in the United States who openly perform third-trimester abortions.

1:35 PM EDT Comment

Manufacturing Making A Comeback In The US

The high cost of shipping, higher wages abroad, and an abundance of domestic natural gas are all contributing to a manufacturing upswing in the U.S.

1:40 PM EDT 4 Comments

Journalist Depicts Battle In 24-Foot-Long Cartoon

Joe Sacco is best known as a journalist whose dispatches come in the form of cartoons. In his latest book, “The Great War,” Sacco depicts one of World War One’s bloodiest battle.

1:50 PM EDT Comment

Remembering Vietnam Through Photographs

Many of the iconic images from the Vietnam War were pictures taken by Associated Press photographers. We take a look at 11 images from a new book of these photos.

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June 6 Comment

Introducing A New Here & Now Website

Coming June 9, 2016, Here & Now listeners and visitors will experience our stories and journalism online in a whole new way.

June 3 Comment

Teenagers Create Impromptu Exhibit At San Francisco Museum Of Modern Art

As the pair toured the museum, they wondered if they could do better. So 16-year-old Kevin Nguyen decided to get creative.

June 3 3 Comments

‘Silver Linings Playbook’ Author Explores Conformity, Mental Health In New Teen Novel

Matthew Quick published his fourth young adult book, "Every Exquisite Thing," this week.

June 2 13 Comments

Do Meal Kits Provide Great Taste Along With Convenience?

Resident chef Kathy Gunst tested a multitude of meal kits, and gives co-host Jeremy Hobson the inside scoop.