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Wednesday August 4, 2010

Aid Package For States Clears Hurdle In Senate

A $26 billion aid package that would help states pay their Medicaid costs and avoid massive teacher layoffs overcame a key Senate hurdle Wednesday, avoiding a Republican filibuster and paving the way for passage later this week.  We get the latest from Jay Newton-Small, congressional correspondent for Time Magazine.

Who’s Watching You On Facebook

Personal details of at least 1 out of 5 Facebook users were recently culled from the social networking site and posted online by an online security consultant.  The consultant wanted to make a point about how many Facebook users haven’t changed their privacy settings to limit the information about them that’s available via Facebook. We speak with Simon Davies about Facebook privacy. He’s director of the watchdog group Privacy International.

The War Winds Down In Iraq, Violence Remains High

An Iraqi solider stands guard at the scene of a car bomb attack in Kut, southeast of Baghdad. A car bomb ripped through an outdoor market in a mainly Shiite city southeast of Baghdad in the deadliest of a series of attacks that killed and injured scores on Tuesday, officials said. (AP)

On Monday, President Obama reiterated his pledge to end U.S. combat operations in Iraq at the end of the month, but violence bearing the stamp of Al Qaida continues. The militants may be hoping to exploit the political vacuum left from the elections five months ago that did not produce a clear winner. The BBC’s Correspondent in Baghdad, Hugh Sykes, joins us with an update.

Missouri Voters Pass Challenge To Obama’s Health Care Reform

“Show me state” voters have passed Proposition C, rejecting the central tenet of President Obama’s national health care reform: the mandatory purchase of health insurance. Though the vote is largely symbolic, it could represent the first ripple in a wave of voter challenges to the new law. We speak with Matt Sepic of KWMU, St. Louis Public Radio.

Listener Letters: Raw Milk, Only Children And Author Jessica Stern

We heard from listeners after recent segments that include: our interview with terrorism expert Jessica Stern about her own personal trauma;  our story on the controversy over raw milk; and our look at whether the stereotypes about only children are true.

Returning To The Titanic

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Dr. David Gallo of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution is leading a group of scientists who will go back to the Titanic this month, to see how the shipwreck is holding up under fierce ocean currents since its sinking in 1912. He says there’s evidence that the upper decks, walls and ceilings may be collapsing since the shipwreck was first located 25 years ago. The team hopes to use the latest imaging technology to raise the ship “virtually,” allowing scientists and the public to see what state it’s in. We speak with Gallo, an expert on undersea mapping.

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