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Friday July 23, 2010

Tropical Storm Bears Down On Gulf, Hampers Efforts To Seal Well

Tropical Storm Bonnie as she steamed through the central Bahamas on Thursday night while tracking a course that could take it over the site of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill. (AP/NOAA)

Tropical Storm Bonnie is moving towards southern Florida today, leaving behind massive flooding in Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic and Haiti. What does the storm mean for crews working to permanently seal BP’s well in the Gulf of Mexico? We speak with Donna Leinwand of USA Today.

BP Disaster Takes Mental Health Toll

We’ve seen signs of the physical damage from the BP disaster, from the tar balls, to oil-covered birds and fish.  What’s harder to see is the emotional toll the disaster is taking on residents of the Gulf. We talk with Steven Picou, a sociologist at the University of South Alabama who has studied the psychological effects of the Exxon-Valdez oil spill.  He compares the mental health impact of that spill to today’s disaster.

Listener Letters: A Closer Look At The Death Of Phoebe Prince

We heard from a lot of listeners after our conversation with journalist Emily Bazelon of about the suicide of 15-year-old Phoebe Prince. Six teenagers face charges in her death, but Bazelon reported this week that Prince had a history of mental health issues and many listeners thought our conversation was insensitive to Prince.

Russian Tourists Head To Cuba

For the first time since the Soviet Union collapsed almost 20 years ago, large numbers of Russians are heading back to their former cold war ally, Cuba. This time they are going as tourists, rather than military and political advisers. A newly confident Russia is starting to re-establish ties to the region. As the BBC’s Michael Voss reports, for many of these visitors, the island offers a nostalgic glimpse into their own recent past.

A Summer Fest Honors The Pierogi

The ring leaders of the Pierogi Festival in Whiting, Indiana: from left to right-"Halupki Guy," "Mr. Pierogi" and "Ms. Paczki." (

We kick off our summer festival series outside of Chicago in Whiting, Indiania, where they’re holding the 16th annual Pierogi Festival this weekend. About 200,000 people are expected to show up to try the Polish dumpling, filled with everything from potatoes to cheese or fruit. But why is the festival so popular? Just ask Mr. Pierogi and Ms. Paczki (named for the jelly-filled, Polish donut served on Fat Tuesday). It could be the “Babushka Brigade,” or maybe the “Precision Lawn Mowing Team,” who march in the annual parade. But mainly, it’s the celebration of culture and food that draws people from all over the country each year.

‘Mad Men’ Captures 1960s Look, But Not Always Language

The Emmy Award-winning show, “Mad Men,” returns to AMC Sunday night. The show strives to perfectly capture the look, feel and attitudes of the 1960’s through the lives of executives at a Madison Avenue advertising agency. But strive as they may, the writers sometimes fall short when trying to get the language just right. Ben Zimmer, “On Language” columnist for the Sunday New York Times magazine looks at the linguistics of the series to see what expressions belong to the 60’s and which ones were born in, like, other decades. Watch Ben Zimmer’s compilation of Mad Men Anachronisms below.

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