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Thursday June 10, 2010

Suicide Attack In Afghanistan Kills Dozens, U.S. General Delays Anti-Taliban Offensive

An unidentified father comforts his injured son at a hospital following a blast at wedding party in Kandahar city, Afghanistan. (AP)

At least 40 people were killed and 70 wounded in a suicide attack on a wedding party late Wednesday in Afghanistan’s southern city of Kandahar. The Taliban is denying it’s behind the attack. Meanwhile, General Stanley McChrystal said Thursday that a long-planned offensive in southern Afghanistan would be delayed because it was taking longer than expected to win support of local leaders. Rajiv Chandrasekaran, senior foreign correspondent for the Washington Post, is our guest.   

A User’s Guide To The World Cup

South Africa practices before an empty stadium during the final training session for the soccer World Cup. (AP)

The World Cup begins Friday when host country South Africa meets Mexico in the opening match.  Which are the teams to watch? Will Ghana become the first African country to make it to the semi-finals? Will President Obama attend? We talk about soccer – football to the rest of the world – with a father and son team of soccer fans, Steven and Harrison Stark. Their book is “World Cup 2010: The Indispensable Guide to Soccer and Geopolitics.” 

Language Barrier Vexes Vietnamese Fishermen Reeling From Gulf Disaster

Nearly half of the estimated 40,000 people who make their living fishing in the Gulf of Mexico are Vietnamese. Most came to the U.S. as refugees from the war and established close knit communities that provided shelter and support. But in that community, many Vietnamese never learned to speak English. This language barrier is now causing problems as they try to cope with the BP oil disaster. We speak with Tuan Nguyen, deputy director of the Mary Queen of Vietnam Community Development Corporation in New Orleans.  

Congressman Markey to BP: Rely On MIT Minds, Not PGA Golf Balls To Fight Oil Leak

BP is relying on the same technology to deal with the oil spill that was used during the Exxon Valdez spill more than 20 years ago. And while drilling technology has advanced, cleanup and accident response technology has not. Massachusetts Congressman Ed Markey wants to change that. He says in the weeks after the accident in the Gulf of Mexico, BP relied on shooting golf balls into the well to stop up the leak, when they should have been using 21st century technology. He’s drafting a bill to force oil companies to fund new technologies, so the next time there’s a crisis, they’ll have state-of-the-art equipment at the ready. 

Listener Letters: Fire Chief Responds To Oil On Alabama Coast; Concerns About Onshore Drilling

Health advisory signs were posted at the entrance to Perdido Key, Fla., beaches after oil began washing up. (AP)

We hear from listeners worried about the environmental impact of drilling in North Dakota and about those squealing baboons in Cape Town, South Africa. We also check back in with volunteer fire chief James Hinton of Magnolia Springs, Alabama, who organized his community to line up barges with booms attached across the mouth of Weeks Bay.  

Marriage Proposals Morph Into Negotiations

June is wedding month. But how many brides and grooms got to the wedding with an old-fashioned proposal?  We speak with sociologist Amanda Miller, who says today’s proposal is more likely to be a negotiation. We also speak with Josh Brentan, who blogs about being a groom for Brides magazine.

What couples negotiate before the bride says, “I do:”
      • Selection of the ring
      • Timing of the wedding
      • Length of the engagement
      • Where they’ll live
      • How to fairly share the household chores and finances

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