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Wednesday April 7, 2010

Rescue Crews Drill Third Hole To Reach Trapped Miners

West Virginia Gov. Joe Manchin briefs reporters on the latest mine rescue operations Wednesday morning in Montcoal, W. Va. (AP)

West Virginia governor, Joe Manchin, says crews are going to drill a third hole at a West Virginia mine in an attempt to release dangerous gases from underground. Manchin said the third hole needs to be drilled before any attempt can be made to rescue four missing miners. Beth Vorhees of West Virginia Public Radio gives us an update on the worst U.S. mining accident in more than 20 years.

Alan Greenspan Pushes Back

Former Fed Chairman, Alan Greenspan, defended his tenure before a panel investigating the roots of the financial crisis.  The hearings are expected to provide a first-hand account of the decisions that led to the inflated mortgage bubble, and will include testimony by two of the now-infamous Wall Street bankers, Charles Prince, former CEO of Citigroup, and Robert Rubin, a top Citigroup adviser. We check in with David Leonhardt of the New York Times who has been covering the crisis and its fallout.

State Elections Could Be Battleground In Health Care Reform

Now that health care reform is law at the national level, the health care industry is turning its sights to the states, which will play a major role in implementing the new law. Health care groups have already dumped a ton of money into state campaigns, including the coffers of the 15 state attorneys general who are challenging health care reform in court. Fredreka Schouton of USA Today follows the money trail for us.

Imaginary Beet Farm Gets Rave Reviews

This historic building stands out at the fictional Shrute Farms. (Courtesy Trip Advisor)

Schrute Farms, the agri-tourism destination in Scranton, PA, has received more than 700 customer reviews on the travel site But don’t try to reserve a weekend at the 60-acre beet farm just yet, because it doesn’t exist. The fictional farm belongs to Dwight Schrute, a salesman and survivalist from NBC’s “The Office.” Christine Petersen, the marketing officer for tells us about the interest in the fictitious farm and the confusion that their users’ reviews has created.

The French Café Becomes An Endangered Species

A trip to Paris isn’t complete without a stop in a French café.  But sacré bleu, the BBC’s David Chazan reports scores of cafés are closing down, putting the whole institution in jeopardy.

A Novel Explores The Aftermath Of A Domestic Crime

We speak with Randy Susan Meyers, whose debut novel “The Murderer’s Daughters” explores the lives of two sisters after their father has killed their mother and seriously injured the younger girl. Meyers talks about the book and her own experiences with growing up with domestic violence. She’s donating part of the proceeds of her book to the Massachusetts-based charity, The Home for Little Wanderers.

Music From The Show

  • Art Blakey, “C.O.R.E.”
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  • Sonny Rollins, “Get Happy”
  • Wilco, “How to Fight Loneliness”
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